Different Types of Sunspaces For Your Home

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When you decide you want more natural light in your home, your mind may instantly jump to installing a sunroom. Now while this a great idea, you may want to get the opinion of reliable sunroom contractors in Springdale, AR.

The fact is there are a variety of sunspaces to choose from, and these are not interchangeable. So a professional can help you decide which options best suits your home. Here are three sunspaces you may find:

Porch Enclosure

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing a whole new room, consider getting a porch enclosure. In essence, this enclosure makes use of the already available space to give you your sunroom.

For this, a contractor will install window screens around your porch that you may open and shut as you please. You can even take it further and install screens around decks, roofs, balconies, and more!

Traditional Sunroom

If you prefer to install a separate room, opt for the traditional sunroom. You will usually find these surrounded by vinyl windows. The doors, too, will have full window panes to produce the effect of being out in the open.

You can even expect the roof to be translucent to let in as much natural light as possible. You need not worry about ventilation as the windows are entirely adjustable.

Three Or Four-Season Sunrooms

The primary concerns among homeowners regarding sunspaces are often temperature control and efficiency. Previously problems like sunrooms being too stuffy in summer and too cold in winter existed.

Now, however, with advancements, you can use sunrooms for three seasons or even all-year-round. You may include glazed glass and adjustable windows in your sunroom for easy ventilation. Also, gas fillings between window panes slow down the room’s airflow to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Final Thoughts

Before settling on a sunspace installation, consider all your options. Also, get in touch with a professional contractor. That way, you will be able to decide on one that best fits your home and your budget.